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Hi friends, 

The response to our proposal of organising COUNSELLING CENTRES is immense and it has encouraged us to formalise the structure of such centres in the interest of our officers undergoing untold stress. 

The structure will be as follows: 

The counsellors are  identified volunteers from among the retired / serving executives, retired officers  and Office bearers of the CBOA. 

The names and the details of the counsellors for both the residential and online counselling will be made available through our CBOA website and will be updated on receipt of willingness from such volunteers  periodically. 

 There would be two types of counselling process: 

  • Residential counselling
  • Online counselling

Residential counselling:

The counsellors would be available on a pre fixed day weekly in predetermined place at pre decided time to give personal counselling. 

Initially it is introduced in Chennai, Bangalore and Madurai. 

On every Thursday counsellors will be available by 5.30 pm at the CBOA office of Chennai, Bangalore and Madurai. 

Residential counselling:

The counsellors can be met at the mutually agreed places too besides on Thursdays. 


R ASOKAN, AGM ( RETD)                                              09444916819 

S NAGARAJAN DGM (RETD)                                        09994962284


A N KRISHNAMURTHY, CHAIRMAN, CBOA.                09663388388

K B BALLUR, FORMER PRESIDENT, CBOA                   09481101106

M N SUNDARAM, FORMER PRESIDENT, CBOA          09449463246 


M DEVARAM, DIVISIONAL MANAGER,( RETD).         09994911889 

S RAJAGOPAL, AGM (RETD).                                         09443734322 

Online Counselling:

The officers can contact the counsellors over phone, email and through any type of communication tools available with the volunteered counsellors. 

The counsellors available on line are listed below: 

MR RAGHUNATHA RAO GM RETD                   91  080082 58500

MR R R SHARMA GM RETD.                             91  099716 44446 

MR PRASAD GM HO                                            91  099805 30303 

MR MAHESH GM HO                                          91  081059 11855 

MR SHYAMALENDU SAHA GM RETD             91  085850 24728 

MR SANTHANAM GM RETD                             91  099002 38548 

MR RENGARAJU GM RETD                               91  097318 05400 

MR IYER GS ED UCO BANK                               91  070440 93564 

MR R K AVASTHI FORMER GS CBOA            91  098105 71359 

MR M V SUBBARAO FORMER JGS CBOA     91  094408 76543 

MR SUDHAKARAN FORMER JGS CBOA       91  098951 93228 

MR J VANANGAMUDI VP CBOA                     91  094433 64184 

Excellent response to our counselling arrangements.

Now our Former General Manager and Former Executive Director, Andhra bank SRI ANIL GIROTRA +91 7838-594915 volunteered to be the counselors and available for discussion.

Now three of our former women executives volunteered to join in the novel program.

Mrs LALITHA LAKSHMANAN, CGM ( RETD)          91 094868 06037

Mrs BHANU RAMAN                                                    91 099020 27300

SMT MYTHILI KRISHNAMURTHY,Former CGM       099-45-399553

As the issues need to be counselled are personal and personality oriented, we don’t expect the details of any such counselling is shared with us and we request the counsellors also to keep such details confidentially. 

We request all our officers and members to utilise this facility. 



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